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We have a strong sales and marketing background... PLUS a passion for using the latest multimedia tools to help you promote, market and sell your products and services. We become part of your sales kit.... your company has a clearer, more convincing story to tell.

Here's what we do:

Interactive CDROMs
CDROMs for company profiles, electronic brochures ..[more]

Corporate Presentations
Ideal for sales presentations, trade shows, product launches, business meetings ...[more]

Video Production
Corporate profiles, training, products and services, product launches, how-to videos ...[more]

Voice Over & Audio Production
Use professional sounding narration, music and sound effects in your presentations and videos. Poor quality audio can ruin a great presentation. Visit our voice over website - we have useful and helpful articles there to start you on your first recording.

Convert existing videos (any format) to VCD for convenience, longterm storage, archives, distribution ...[more]

Script/Copy Writing
Speeches, website content, TV commercials, interactive CDROM content... from concept to final product.... [more]

Interactive CDROMs

A multimedia presentation of your products and services can be conveniently put into a CDROM. This would be ideal for:

  • sales presentations
  • trade shows and exhibitions
  • inclusion into tender documents
  • distribution to customers

Contents can include:

  • an animation showing how your product works
  • video clips of your project sites, machinery, process, a message from the CEO, etc
  • 3D animation
  • professional narration synchronized to text
  • music and sound effects

CDROMs are economical, compact, lightweight, durable and effective in presenting a sales message consistently... you have less worry and costs for training newer salespeople to do presentations.


Corporate Presentations

You probably use PowerPoint for your presentations. For outlining, planning and preparing basic presentations, PowerPoint is one of the best tools in the market. However, we have noticed that busy managers and salespersons seldom have the time, knowledge and skills to prepare elaborate and impressive presentations.

A more effective presentation would include video, audio, sound effects and narration to boost its selling power many times. This means a higher closing rate for your sales presentations. Isn't this why you are doing the presentation in the first place?

We have been in the presentation business since 1994 and have had the privilege of working with our clients to prepare presentations to be seen by the Prime Minister and many other high profile audiences. Try us.


Video Production

Video presentations have unique advantages. They are:

  • Easy to playback. You do not need a high-end computer, just a VCR and TV
  • Almost every home has a VCR, so your customers can view it comfortably at home
  • Videos can be conveniently converted into DVD or VideoCD (VCD). They can be stored for many years without any fear of fungus attacks and quality deterioration
  • Video images are best for live images, which cannot be effectively and reliably shown on PCs. This would include 3D animation, live video footages like project site shots, factory processes, a video message from the CEO, etc
  • Videos can also be converted into computer format (AVI, Quicktime, MPEG) which can be conveniently included in your PowerPoint presentations
  • We can provide turnkey services for your video production. From script writing, video shooting, editing, professional voice overs, music, sound effects, 3D animation and final mastering into Betacam format, VideoCD, AVI, Quicktime, and MPEG.


Voice Over & Audio Production

We have a modest recording studio where professional voice overs (narration) can be recorded, edited and mastered to CD. For music we use library production music from some of the best musicians in the world. Some of them write music for Walt Disney, CNN, Microsoft, etc. We can also product soundtracks in-house suitable for multimedia, product launches as well as sound effects. Advertising agencies, other multimedia companies, educational institutions routinely use us for the audio production requirements.

What differentiates us?.... We not only record, but we make sure that it is edited by removing unwanted noises e.g. breathing sounds, optimized for maximum volume without distortion, and finally mastered in CD quality. All our clients need to do is to just use it in their final video or multimedia projects. In fact, many of our clients are not present during the recording sessions. They trust us to get the job done. This saves valuable time for them.


VideoCDs (VCD)

VideoCDs have many advantages:

  • Better quality than duplicates made to VHS tapes. You will not see video "noise" or "grains" on your copies. However, if the original source tape is of poor quality, the VideoCD will also be of equally poor quality, since it is a copy
  • Durability. They have a VERY LONG (dozens of years) shelf life
  • Convenience. They are compact and can easily be sent by mail, put into your suitcase, etc
  • Low cost. In quantities of 500 pcs or more, VideoCDs or CDROMs are a very economical medium for mass distribution. E.g. corporate videos or interactive CDROM

We can convert virtually any medium to VideoCD format. This would include:

  • Video tapes i.e. Betacam, VHS, miniDV, Digital8, 8mm, Hi-8, VHSC, 8mm and 16mm film, etc.
  • PowerPoint and other multimedia presentations
  • Still photographs
  • Any other image format

We have been routinely converting video tapes for many photographic retail outlets. If you are a retail outlet, videographer, video production house, etc., you can be a dealer and enjoy sizable profit margins from us depending on your volume.


DVD Production

Stunning visuals, interactivity, CD quality audio... all these are available today for the consumer through the DVD medium.

Just like VCDs, we can now author and master your titles and videos into DVD format.

Why wait, be on the cutting edge of presentations by using the best quality available today!


Copy / Script Writing

Scripts for all our productions are written by in-house copy writers. This cuts the time needed for amendments and also ensures that scripts are properly written for the particular medium. For example, a script for a corporate video is very different for a multimedia presentation.

Our copy writing services include writing for:

  • Website content
  • Corporate Videos
  • Product Videos
  • Marketing Videos
  • Brochures
  • Sales Literature
  • Annual Reports
  • Interactive CDROMs
  • Newsletters and articles


Revitalise your company's image with a multimedia presentation or video that cuts through the competition.

Don't delay.... start enjoying the benefits of a powerful show and close that sale!

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