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Video will always be a part of effective communication. We have produced many corporate, sales and marketing videos for our customers. Sunshine is a one-stop production facility for videos. Our services include script writing, video shooting, 3D computer animation, computer graphics, editing, audio recording, music, sound effects and final conversion to DVD, VideoCD, BetacamSP, DV, AVI, Quicktime or virtually other any industry format.

Carey Island Development Video Presentation

Carey Island is currently used as an oil palm plantation. This video proposes to enhance part of the plantation areas. Our team spent one day for the video shoot of this scenic island. We wrote the script from materials provided to us, recorded the narration using a professional news reader, and prepared computer graphics for the maps, illustrations and titles. Video editing followed together with music, sound effects and edited narration. The video was presented to the Board of Directors of the public listed company which owns the plantation. The video was subsequently converted to VideoCD format for long-term storage.

Mesiniaga-TACTICS Video Montage

We were asked to prepare opening montages (graphically rich motion video introduction screens) for their corporate training programs. To our delight, we were given a free hand in the creative aspect of the production. A short brief was given to use as a guideline, together with some good video shots relating to the training content. We used Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects to do the compositing (multi-layered video editing). Final product were AVI (movie) files that played back smoothly on their clients' PCs.

Kris Components Berhad Corporate Video

Kris Components Berhad is one of Malaysia's largest metal stamping companies. They needed to tell the Securities Commission about the company's history, operations and activities prior to their IPO. We were contracted to produce a turnkey video describing their company. After some research, discussions and getting materials from them, we proceeded to produce the video... from script writing, video shooting, audio recording, computer graphics up to final video editing stage. Today, shares of the company are traded on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange.

Kuala Linggi Resort Development Promotional Video

The Kuala Linggi Resort Development is located at the opening of a beautiful estuary. This video was used as part of their sales and marketing campaign. We spent two days on-site, and on a boat as well, video shooting the scenic surroundings. Production was in Betacam format to maintain highest image quality. The script was written by us, recorded using a professional reader and edited on our non-linear video editing system. Production time was about 4 weeks.

Aventis Launch Video Presentation

Aventis, formerly known as Hoechst, wanted to have a presentation and dinner for their dealer network and customers to launch the name change as well as to thank them for their continued support. The video showed their product lines and the support infrastructure for the dealers. This involved many still images and text. There were also Chinese sub-titles throughout the video. The narration was recorded in-house by a professional reader. We provided all the royalty prepaid music and sound effects also. Adobe After Effects and Premiere were used to get the job done.

Institut Jantung Negara Launch Video

Institut Jantung Negara (National Heart Institute) procured a non-linear video editing system. As part of their training on its usage, they asked us to produce a launch video to commemorate the opening of their new library. This was an ideal situation as the staff got to do a "live" project as part of their training. We taught them the fundamentals of Adobe Premiere and Photoshop and completed the short launch clip in time for the opening. The video system is used today for producing short video clips showing surgical procedures used by the doctors.

With Sunshine, you have a time-saving and convenient ONE-STOP supplier to produce your video - from concept to final product.

The result?

Increased productivity, shorter delivery times and cost savings by eliminating the "middle-men".

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