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Though we do not produce turnkey TV commercials, we are part of the production chain. We have done a fair number of voice overs by professional readers, special video effects, 3D animation and other related audio and video work. This is a demanding medium as QUALITY is top priority in TV broadcast work. We're proud that we are doing work in this area.

NTV7 TV commercial

This commercial promoted a contest linked with a mini-series broadcast on NTV7, a Malaysian TV station. We recorded the voice over in-house, did some compositing (video effects) work using After Effects, inserted the background music, sound effects and the edited voice over. Final product was a Betacam tape suitable for broadcast.

Jotun Paints multi-lingual TV commercial

We recorded the voice over in three languages... English, Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin. Our audio work for broadcast includes selecting the best portions of the "raw" audio, cleaning up any unwanted clicks, pops, saliva sounds, background noise, optimizing the recording levels using specialized software and finally converting it to a CDROM suitable for further audio processing by the TV and radio stations.

Uphamol - aspirin advertisement

The Uphamol TV commercial was a fully 3D rendered video. We created some of the sound effects (medicine cabinet sounds, bottles dropping on the floor) and did the voice over for the commercial in Bahasa Malaysia, English and Cantonese. The final product was a Betacam videotape suitable for broadcast.

Popular Book store TV commercial

Popular Book store has always been a favourite stop for many Malaysians. Working with another multimedia company, we produced three 30-second TV commercials in English, Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia. We provided the audio, sound effects and the final video compositing services. Popular Bookstore continues to be a bookshop where customers get value for money.

For precision voice over recordings or sizzling video montages, cut and mastered ready for instant use in your projects - call us.


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