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When it's important and the stakes are high, good is not enough, it has to be a GREAT presentation! We have been fortunate to have produced many presentations to high level government officials, including the Prime Minister. Here are some projects we've done in this fast-lane section.

KL Monorail Project

The KL Monorail system is one of three monorail systems serving Kuala Lumpur city. Its 8.6 km route has 11 stations. We were contracted to prepare a presentation to highlight the proposed system. The multimedia presentation included 3D animation of the monorial superimposed over existing landmarks in the city, together with music and sound effects. The Prime Minister and high ranking government officials were at the presentation.

HLA - Agent Recruitment CDROM

Hong Leong Assurance encourages the use of technology in its agency force. With special payment schemes and incentives, agents and managers are given an opportunity to buy notebooks at discounted prices. To broaden their already comprehensive toolkit, we were asked to produce a CDROM to be used by their managers to recruit new agents. The CDROM uses music, sound effects, video clips, text, all integrated to give a coherent and convincing presentation. Today, Hong Leong Assurance continues to be one of the country's fastest growing insurance companies.

Johor Bahru New Bridge Proposal

This was another privatisation proposal project. We were contracted to produce a presentation to show the benefits of replacing the existing land bridge at the Johor Bahru Causeway with a new suspension bridge. 3D animations of the new bridge, customs offices and roadways were included in the presentation. The script was also written by us and narrated by a top newsreader. This presentation was given to the Prime Minister and top government officials.

SMART Schools Presentation

A SMART School places special emphasis on using the internet and computer technology as part of their curriculum. We were asked to produce a presentation to the relevent government authorities outlining how our client could be part of the prime movers of this educational initiative. The presentation covered challenges faced in implementing the SMART School concept, solutions that our client could provide to overcome these challenges and a proposed implementation strategy and schedule to make it all happen.

Malaysia Audio Show Launch Presentation

The Malaysia Audio Show is one of Malaysia's premier events for hi-fi and home theatre enthusiasts. We were entrusted to produce the launch multimedia presentation and a continuously running advertisement slideshow during the exhibition. The event was officially launched by the Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs.

Waterway Development Project Presentation

This client owned thousands of hectares of oil palm estate. The plan was to convert a portion of this land into a totally integrated township. The existing terrain had many natural waterways, streams and rivers and these were to be preserved and enhanced in the development. Certain residential areas were designed to include jetties where small recreational watercraft could anchor. In addition to maps, computer graphics, narration by a professional, we also included substantial 3D animation content in the presentation. The presentation was shown to the Prime Minister and other government officials.

Bintawa Peninsular Bridge Proposal

The Sarawak River separates Kuching city into two parts. Existing bridges were congested. Our client commissioned us to prepare a presentation outlining the benefits of building a new bridge to ease the congestion and to fully integrate the two halves of the city. Site photos were taken, project papers were summarized, aerial video was shot, maps were scanned, scripts were prepared and multimedia authoring commenced. The presentation was shown to the Chief Minister of Sarawak and other top government officials.

National Ambulance Service Privatisation

Our client wanted to propose a unified National Ambulance Service to the government. Working with a consortium of specialists, we were asked to produce a presentation to show its benefits to the government and the people. This was a massive proposal touching on many areas and related government agencies and existing service providers. The presentation included script writing, video, music, sound effects, narration by a professional newscaster, and multimedia authoring. This presentation was shown to top government officials.

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