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From high-energy network marketing recruitment CDROMs to industrial strength databases, these CDROMs have been distributed to thousands... customers, members, branch offices and the public. Most have music and sound effects, video and sizzling computer graphics.

HLA - Millennium CDROM

To commemorate the New Millennium, we were given the task to produce Hong Long Assurance's bi-monthly newsletter in CDROM. Content included video messages from the management, highlights of the year, awards and recognitions, coverage of key events in the last quarter and a host of other articles. This was an exciting project for us as we were again given a free-hand to design the CDROM newsletter. Hong Leong Assurance today continues to be one of the most innovative insurance companies in Malaysia.

HLA - Agent Recruitment CDROM

Hong Leong Assurance encourages the use of technology in its agency force. With special payment schemes and incentives, agents and managers are given an opportunity to buy notebooks at discounted prices. To broaden their already comprehensive toolkit, we were asked to produce a CDROM to be used by their managers to recruit new agents. The CDROM uses music, sound effects, video clips, text, all integrated to give a coherent and convincing presentation. Today, Hong Leong Assurance continues to be one of the country's fastest growing insurance companies.

QSuite Network Marketing CDROM

QSuite is one of the pioneer network marketing companies leveraging on the internet. To help their members present the business opportunity, we were contracted to produce a sales presentation CDROM that could be used by anyone to tell the QSuite story. We were given a free hand in the concept and design. Except for some very minor changes, 25,000 copies of this multimedia CDROM were duplicated and became part of their standard sales and marketing kit.

FocusBIT Network Marketing CDROM

FocusBIT is an innovative network marketing company that has chosen to use e-commerce in their business model. We were responsible for creating a self-running fast-paced presentation to be used by their members. The CDROM runs for about 17 minutes non-stop, accompanied by exciting fast-paced music, sizzling graphics and ends with a call to action for the audience.

Aventis Launch Video Presentation

Aventis, formerly known as Hoechst, wanted to have a presentation and dinner for their dealer network and customers to launch the name change as well as to thank them for their continued support. The video showed their product lines and the support infrastructure for the dealers. This involved many still images and text. There were also Chinese sub-titles throughout the video. The narration was recorded in-house by a professional reader. We provided all the royalty prepaid music and sound effects also. Adobe After Effects and Premiere were used to get the job done.


We partnered on this project with one of the nicest-to-work-with ad agencies in Malaysia. They were responsible for the concept, creative and artwork for the CDROM. Our task was to create a fully functional member database of the Malaysian External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) on CDROM. With 2,400 member companies, it was a challenge to include company information, product photos, a full database run-time engine, including a search function, all into one CDROM for mass distribution. The CDROM and accompanying printed directory was launched by the Minister of Trade and Industry.

Malaysian Central Depository Corporate CDROM

The Malaysian Central Depository is a subsidiary of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange Their principal activity is the operation and maintenance of a Central Depository System (CDS) in respect of shares, stock bonds, debentures or other securities of any corporation. We were contracted to produce a corporate profile presentation that was to be used by visitors and new employees. We worked closely with their project team to produce a presentation that was used in-house as well as for their "road shows".

Phileo Allied e-commerce CDROM

PhileoAllied Bank's focus on using internet technology to stay competitive prompted them to host an e-commerce showcase exhibition. The bank highlighted its e-commerce initiatives to the public and corporate sectors. The presentation was used during the exhibition and included video, audio and sound effects. Thousands came for the exhibition and were treated to new technologies in the banking and finance industries.

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