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We have a strong bias towards quality audio... the boss is a professional audio and acoustics enthusiast! For that reason, we produce in-house voice over recordings, music and sound effects for multimedia and video productions. Though we are not a fully equipped recording studio, a lot of our work have been broadcasted on TV (see TV Commercials below), radio and corporate videos.

UNITAR - Voice overs for online courses

UniTAR uses cutting-edge technology to offer its online courses on the Internet. As development of the curriculum was proceeding at breakneck speed, their in-house studios had to subcontract part of the audio services to cope with deadlines and the high volume of work. We worked with their course instructors to record the voices (simulated student and teacher interaction). The recordings were later cleaned up to eliminate unwanted noises, mis-pronunciations and other artifacts. The final product was a CDROM with voices in CD quality.

Hanbul Cosmetics commercial voice over

Hanbul Cosmetics is one of Korea's most successful cosmetics manufacturers. This was a promotional video about their products. We did the recording of the voice overs, edited them to the master video and produced a final Betacam master tape for the client.

QSuite Network Marketing CDROM

QSuite is one of the pioneer network marketing companies leveraging on the internet. To help their members present the business opportunity, we were contracted to produce a sales presentation CDROM that could be used by anyone to tell the QSuite story. We were given a free hand in the concept and design. Except for some very minor changes, 25,000 copies of this multimedia CDROM were duplicated and became part of their standard sales and marketing kit.

JCDecaux multi-lingual voice overs

JCDecaux is one of the largest producers of durable, high-quality "street furniture" e.g. lamp posts, park chairs, kiosks, outdoor toilets and signboards. This was a promotional video in three languages. We recorded the narration in three languages and placed it in the master video tape. Final product was a Betacam tape with all three languages.

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