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When we started in 1994, our first major project was to produce a video to sell houses in Bandar Utama, a vibrant and even to this day, an *amazingly* successful housing development project in Petaling Jaya.

Looking back, I realise that there was never really a need for such a video.... it was just one friend (the developer) helping another (me) to kickstart his video and multimedia business.

We've come a long way.... our clients now include IBM, Phileo Allied Bank (now Malayan Banking Berhad), KL Monorial, The Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange, The Berjaya Group, Mesiniaga, and many, many, many others.

There's no secret... this company was started based on one simple idea, what some may call a mission.... to help our customers sell their ideas, products and services more effectively using today's power tools.....


... things we have a PASSION for.

We invite you to *capitalise* on our experience... chances are, we've already done something similar to what you're looking for.

Make full use of us.... call us at 03-7958-8357 to arrange for a quick discussion and quote. You'd be surprised how affordable it can be!

You may also use the Contact Form.

Hoping to hear from you soon...

Victor Voo

P.S. In case you're wondering, we're really familiar with:

  • Producing videos for corporate profiles, sales, training, etc.
  • Interactive Multimedia Presentations.
  • Audio Recording i.e. voice overs, music and sound effects.
  • VideoCD transfers from tape.
  • DVD transfers from tape, with INTERACTIVE MENUS!