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We've seen it happen so many times.... talented and hard working employees spend days preparing a razor-sharp proposal. The next morning, at the presentation, with sweaty palms, you watch it all go S-L-O-W-L-Y down the drain.

Your would-be customer leaves the meeting, disappointed and unimpressed, but they'll never tell you that.

Here's what they'll say:

"... Thank you, we're still in the evaluation stage. We'll get back to you as soon as we have something....".

Sounds familiar?


How do you solve this very expensive problem?

How do you ensure that every presentation sizzles!

How can you train new salespeople faster?

Can your closing ratio be better than 1 in 5?

Can the presentation be done by anyone, even persons who have never "sold" anything in their lives?


Since 1994, our customers have discovered the amazing results of using videos and multimedia presentations for:

- Corporate Profiles
- Product & Marketing Videos, VCDs & DVDs.
- Product Launches
- Training & Educational Videos


Being extremely powerful, they can be used in many, many ways....


In trade shows - as an eye-catching moving advertisement. By using a VideoCD/DVD, it plays tirelessly at 100% quality.


Sadly, not everyone in your company is a super-star in sales. So... turbo-charge their selling power with a VideoCD that sells FOR them. That way, you have control over the quality of the sales presentation.


Project proposals and tender submissions require many, many man-hours to prepare - and it's ZERO SALES, if your presentation is dull, boring and colourless.

Invest in a sizzling professional multimedia presentation to get your message across - and the $$$ contract signed!


Many companies have existing sales videos that need *adapting* to their specific needs to boost its effectiveness.

Not a problem! We'll take whatever materials you have - videos, photos, brochures and put together a *new* video that's...

..... just right for YOU.


Now... concerning VideoCDs and DVDs...

  • Maximize you video production costs for your corporate and sales videos!
  • On a more personal note.... immortalize your wedding and birthday videos

Transfer them to VideoCD or DVD for long term storage and maximum playback quality. Video tapes WERE once useful, but with notebooks, PCs, VCD and DVD players in almost every home, it's time to CHANGE for the better.

We began creating VCDs in 1998 when it was still a very new technology - capitalize on our years of experience! And... if quality is important to you, try DVD for the....

.... ultimate visual and aural IMPACT!.


Take a look at the projects we have done, and more importantly, call us if you have any questions - call us or use the Contact Us.

Victor Voo

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